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Addison Weekly Pool Cleaners has been in the pool business many years. We know many of the remodelers, builders, and construction companies in the Addison area. Homeowners face to tough challenge in locating a reliable pool company to build their inground swimming pool. We want to help. Use the form below to tell us what type of pool you are dreaming about for your Addison residence and we will connect you with one great company.

Fear Not: We do only send your information to *one* pool company that we have approved and verified their past work. Your phone will not be ringing for weeks with dozens of random calls like it would if you used many other company search services. We are providing one great company for your consideration, hopefully you get quotes from at least three companies before making your decision. We wish you good luck!


A Addison team member will read your answers and pass your contact info to one vetted construction company within one business day.